Finally some time to just be creative for myself

With my huge change of life of recent months, there has barely been enough time to keep up with my design team commitments and I do not like that at all.  Going from a Mum to one, to a Mum to four, ranging in age from 5 to 18 has been a huge change and been challenging, rewarding, exciting, frustrating, hilarious and just plain crazy, all at different times and sometimes all at the same time.  Being with someone that I truly love, more than I ever thought possible is the reward and what a reward it is, but loving someone takes time and so something had to give and that was the time I have to craft.

So, I got some time to just simply do my own thing and I enjoyed that very much.  I used to churn out a piece every 2-3 days and now it is more like once a week, well, for now anyway.  I very much enjoyed working on this design, I just had a bit of fun with it and I really love the colouring and the colour mix that is happening.

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