Love this layout

I love this layout as the title suggests!!  I am on the road at the moment for a week and I have some better pics of this somewhere, but I just need to post it and share it as it is too beautiful to keep hidden from the world!  I have used a fair few chipboard pieces and it just makes the design look so amazing!!  By wetting the chipboard pieces you can bend them, which is what I have done to the shutters on the windows and it just gives it all this lovely 3-dimensional look when finished.

Creativity Abounds in the new craft room!

Greetings all

I have been super creative lately and this is very much due to my new craft room which is actually rather fantastic!  Best craft area to date and actually my very last one!  Very much custom designed for me so it works.  Up until now it has been somewhat difficult to be creative as I had moved and it was hard to get a properly established place.
So, the creativity has been happening in leaps and bounds of late and here are a few pieces to show for my productivity.

Altair Art works for October

Hello All,

What a busy month, but every month is in the second half of the year!  Time to share my recent Altair Art creations for this month.  I kind of got into the Christmas season a little early as some new papers were released, but they are my 2 pieces for the blog, first I want to show you my piece for the theme for this month.  The theme for the month over at Altair Art is "sparkle and shine" in the artwork, so here is my contribution.

The next two pieces are where I got Christmassy.  The first using the new Altair Art Christmas papers, see below:

And my final Christmassy piece is a nice blue one, still using Altair Art papers, just not the specific Christmas ones.  

I hope you like them all and have fun entering your own piece for the theme of the month.  Well, enjoy yourselves, have fun and always find time to be creative.

Got the Silhouette machines working

After my big move I have not really had time to play with my Silhouette machines and so they have sat in situ for a few months now and so I decided to crank them up today since I had to quickly churn out a challenge inspirational project for Altair Art since I once again got the rules wrong!  Ho hum, details, details, details.  I am actually very sorry Anka.

So, the theme is celebration and my 2 projects I have done for the month are to do with a new baby and so I did a boy scrapbooking layout and a girl scrapbooking layout.  For the inspirational piece I have chosen to go with birthday celebration and did a kind of flower display I guess.  I got the file from and off we went.  It was all pretty easy to assemble and then I added in a few more elements that I die cut out on my Sizzix machine, just to add a bit more to the layout.

It is ok as a finished product, but not really my sort of thing.  I might even play around with it and see if I can jazz it up a bit more.  …

Finally some time to just be creative for myself

With my huge change of life of recent months, there has barely been enough time to keep up with my design team commitments and I do not like that at all.  Going from a Mum to one, to a Mum to four, ranging in age from 5 to 18 has been a huge change and been challenging, rewarding, exciting, frustrating, hilarious and just plain crazy, all at different times and sometimes all at the same time.  Being with someone that I truly love, more than I ever thought possible is the reward and what a reward it is, but loving someone takes time and so something had to give and that was the time I have to craft.

So, I got some time to just simply do my own thing and I enjoyed that very much.  I used to churn out a piece every 2-3 days and now it is more like once a week, well, for now anyway.  I very much enjoyed working on this design, I just had a bit of fun with it and I really love the colouring and the colour mix that is happening.

Catch up time on Altair Art

I have done so many different projects for Altair Art lately and so I thought that it was high time that I shared them, so here they are.  To see more of the awesome papers released by AltairArt, please go to their blog at

This first piece was inspired by all the circles and the space background of the Altair Art papers, I followed that circle theme right through.  With room for three images, it will look beautiful with the final images added.

Below is my very first attempt at a canvas, again using elements of the various Altair Art papers, plus a few bits and pieces from Kaisercraft and Dusty Attic and other sources.  The dreamcatcher is gorgeous and I love the final finish which has been achieved by colouring with wax pastes and then covering most with crackle paint.  The theme is "Dream" and whatever that may be for you.

Polka dot creation below for Altair Art June Challenge.  I just wanted this layout to be bright, happy and fun, it seems to have …